COVID-19 Clinic Protocol for Office Visits

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Eye Exam

Eye ExamComprehensive Eye Examinations

Whether you are 6 months or 106 years old, Boardwalk Optometry is seriously committed to keeping your eyes healthy and protecting your vision. Every comprehensive eye exam includes precise measurements to allow you to see your best, and extensive retinal imaging to help maintain your eye health at its best. We offer specialty diagnostic tests such as Optos Wide Field Retinal Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography, which allows for earlier detection of glaucoma and helps to reduce the risk of severe vision loss from age-related macular degeneration.

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Eye Exam


Having an on-site laboratory means Boardwalk Optometry can combine careful workmanship with advanced technological machinery to make glasses at both locations. It also means in most cases, you won't have to give up your glasses for more than a couple of hours if you want to reuse your own frames. Doing our own lab work allows us to maintain strict quality control and provide faster and more convenient service, while still being able to offer the most advanced products in the optical industry.


Boardwalk Optometry carries a large inventory of reputable and fashionable quality frames, all competitively priced, and offers an on-site optical lab for your added convenience. Being an independent ophthalmic products provider, we have no corporate restrictions, so we are free to source lenses best-suited for your needs. Our knowledgeable licensed opticians will assist you in navigating through all your frame and lens options, helping you make the best decisions for your needs and lifestyle. Precise measurements will be taken to ensure your new glasses perform optimally. Learn about our in-store promotions and rest assured that we stand behind the products we provide.


Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) damages ocular tissues potentially causing age-related macular degeneration, abnormal growths on the surface of the eyes, melanoma, skin cancer, and cataracts. Although most of our lifetime UVR absorption by our eyes occurs by age 18, it is still very important to protect our eyes throughout our lifetime. Whether you are 6 months old or 106 years old, Boardwalk Optometry's fashion conscious opticians will help you choose quality sunglasses, with or without a lens prescription to meet your needs.

Computer Glasses

Most of us spend much of our day in front of a computer or digital screen and our knowledgeable opticians are here to help. We can assist in finding a lens designed specifically for your visual needs to improve both comfort and reduce fatigue.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses should never be overlooked in high risk workplaces and are also recommended for persons who only have one good functioning eye. Boardwalk Optometry is a proud member of Eyesafe BC providing employees of participating businesses with quality protective eyewear.

Sport Glasses

Boardwalk Optometry has safety products for serious and recreational athletes to avoid preventable sports-related eye injuries. Thousands of sports-related eye injuries happen each year (a third of them to children) and many of these injuries cause permanent vision loss.

Basketball is normally the leading cause of eye injury, but soccer, baseball/softball, air/paintball guns, martial arts, and even water sports can also lead to eye injury. We carry a selection of ASTM F803 conforming protective goggles available with or without prescription lenses, which can prevent 90% of these eye injuries.

Eye Exam

Contact LensesContact Lenses

Boardwalk Optometry's experienced licensed contact lens fitters ensure contact lens wearers achieve optimal vision and comfort while maintaining eye health. Our clinics procure contact lenses from leading contact lens manufacturers, offering an array of disposable contact lenses, including multifocals and toric lenses; free shipping is offered on most contact lens orders. We also fit specialty contact lenses for myopia control, keratoconus, and severe dry eye disease. Our fitters stay current on contact lens and lens care advancements and are happy to provide samples of new lenses on the market.

Scleral Lenses

Boardwalk Optometry offers the option of scleral lenses to patients suffering from severe dry eye disease or corneal ectasias. Scleral contact lenses can provide a more comfortable alternative to patients who are currently wearing rigid gas-permeable lenses, and have the capability to improve vision in those people who are not correctable by conventional means.

Eye Exam

Contact LensesMyopia Control Clinic

In response to the growing myopia epidemic, Boardwalk Optometry created one of the very first myopia control centres in the Lower Mainland in 2002. Although we primarily practise Orthokeratology, we also utilize specialty glasses, soft contact lenses, and medicated eye drops. Dr. Lindsay Kamachi first became interested in Orthokeratology when his own children were becoming near-sighted. What initially began as a father's determination to curb his children's myopia has since flourished into a large well-respected myopia control centre in the course of 20 years. More importantly, Dr. Kamachi has been able to reduce his childrens’ myopic progression into adulthood and all three remain happy Orthokeratology patients.


Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is the gentle reshaping of the cornea with a gas-permeable contact lens during sleep. The purpose of Ortho-K is to slow down the progression of myopia, mainly in children. These specialty rigid gas-permeable contact lenses should only be fitted by certified doctors and contact lens fitters, whom have had additional specialized training and are equipped with the necessary instruments. Ortho-K eliminates the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses during the day, and has been shown to lessen the elongation of the eye, reducing the risk of retinal detachment from high myopia. With close to 20 years of Ortho-K experience, Boardwalk Optometry has built a solid reputation in myopia control.

Eye Exam

Contact LensesDry Eye Clinic

Boardwalk Optometry understands how dry eyes can severely impact quality of life and wants to make dry eye sufferers feel better. Staying current with the latest conclusion and recommendations by leading researchers, we are able to offer comprehensive dry eye assessments and personalized treatment plans that address the root causes of the problem. Boardwalk Optometry also offers an array of premium dry eye products to help manage dry eye disease.

Eye Exam

Contact LensesHearing Clinic

In 2007, Boardwalk Hearing was founded by Douglas College faculty member, Michael March. Boardwalk Hearing conducts diagnostic hearing tests and dispenses hearing aids using the latest testing and fitting technology. Michael works diligently with each patient in their quest for better hearing, creating custom molded hearing products, and providing ample follow up care. Hearing services are offered primarily at our South Surrey location, but complementary house calls are available upon request.

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COVID-19 Clinic Protocol for Office Visits

To all our patients, associates and friends:

Boardwalk Optometry is pleased to announce that both the South Surrey and Guildford locations will be expanding services to include in-clinic eye examinations, optical and hearing services starting Tuesday May 19th.

Our staff have implemented well thought-out clinic protocols assimilated from recommendations and guidelines put forth by the CDC, WHO, the province of BC, and the BC College of Optometry to ensure the health and safety of everyone at the clinic during your visit, while maintaining our high standard of delivering comprehensive eye health care and hearing assessments.

We kindly request that anyone entering the clinic to wear a mask, covering their nose and mouth. We respectfully ask that all companions, unless they are essential, to wait outside the clinic. Everyone including staff will be screened for the risk of illness before entering the clinic. Please be aware that the main entrance will remained locked during business hours and visits are by appointments. However, we will do our best to accommodate walk-in patients. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (604) 531-4274 (South Surrey) and (604) 589-7311 (Guildford).

If you have an appointment, please take a moment to carefully read these instructions before your visit. Unless you need physical assistance, we request that ​all companions wait outside the office. Essential companions must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth if they enter the office.

Please reschedule if you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath.

Please do not wear your contact lenses unless you are coming for a contact lens appointment.



Conversations need to be kept to a minimum to limit droplet spread and time spent inside the clinic.

Please note that washrooms will be temporarily closed, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we all adapt to life during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our new safety protocol is designed to keep patients and staff safe while maintaining our high standard of delivering comprehensive eye health care.

May you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Boardwalk Optometry